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Membership, which includes a number of leading museums and universities, is open to all interested persons. The annual subscription, which includes three news booklets and the Annual Journal, is £20 UK and Europe, £25 or equivalent elewhere.

Please print, complete and send the form below.

UK applicants are asked to assist the Society by completing a Standing Order form and - if applicable - the Gift Aid form which will permit the Society to reclaim tax on your subscription.
All three should be sent to Mr.H.D.Soar, Hon Sec. S.A.A., Yew Corner, 29 Batley Court, Oldland, S.Glos. BS30 8YZ

Those in Italy wishing to join or to pay subscriptions must first please contact their Italian representative Dr J.Brazier (see address on Contacts page) who will advise on procedures.

All overseas applicants may - if more convenient - use Paypal to send GBP to adding £1 to cover the Paypal administration charge. Please make the payment in GBP (£ sterling) and mark it as “friends and family”.

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The details you provide here will be kept on a database, purely for internal administration purposes. They will not be passed to a third party. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree to this. With your permission your special interests and e-mail will be published in Arrowhead. Unless you prefer contact from other members to be via the Hon Secretary.

Please send to Mr.H.D.Soar, Hon Sec. S.A.A., Yew Corner, 29 Batley Court, Oldland. S.Glos. BS30 8YZ


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Please pay to Barclays Bank plc, Malvern Branch, Worcester Group, 54 High St. Worcester WR1 2QQ Sort Code : 20 98 61 for the credit of the Society of Archer Antiquaries. Account No : 00824941
The sum of £20 (twenty pounds) on 1st January                 and annually until further instructions from me in writing

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Please send to the Hon Sec S.A.A. and NOT to your bank


The new regulations of the Inland Revenue enable the Society to increase its income by reclaiming 28p for every £1 paid as a subscription. There is no cost to you but it enhances the Society's income by enabling us to reclaim the tax for every individual UK taxpayer.


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I declare that I wish the Society of Archer-Antiquaries to treat as Gift Aid Donations all donations including subscriptions I have made to the Society of Archer-Antiquaries since 6 April 2000 and all donations including subscriptions I make thereafter until I notify the Society otherwise.


When you first make a gift aid payment you must pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax in that year equal to the tax we reclaim on your donations, including subscriptions. Please remember to notify us if you no longer pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax equal to the tax we reclaim, which is currently 28p for every £1 you give.