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Formed in 1956, and recognised as a Learned Society, the S.A.A welcomes all those whose interests lie in the study of the bow and arrow and their use, from earliest times to the present day, in all parts of the world, including its social aspects and its place in history.


In their search for prey, prehistoric bowmen have recorded the hunt in primitive paintings on cave walls. Military archers, horsed or on foot, have been prominent in the victories of the ancient world; not least amongst these were the longbowmen of medieval England, whose mastery of their weapon won them battles against great odds. In the wilder parts of today's world can still be found those who hunt with the bow and arrow for the food by which they live. As a member you can read of each and much more within the Society's Annual Journals.

Neolithic cave paintings of archers hunting.  Cueva de los Caballos, Spain
Medieval longbowman by Wolfgang Bartl
South Andaman islander with "paddle" bow and arrows.


Whatever your interests, academic or not, the Society - which has an international membership - is the place to further your studies and share your own discoveries with others, adding to the Society’s wealth of knowledge. You may meet with other members twice a year at our two meetings, or at other times via our private FB group. Once you are a member, you may click on FORUM and you will be taken to the FB group.

If you have any questions, please contact our Hon Sec: Alan Zenthon: [email protected]