Can anyone positively identify an old issue of Arrowhead?

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Can anyone positively identify an old issue of Arrowhead?

Post: #1279 David Bruce
Mon Apr 14, 2014 7:12 pm

I left March's AGM, as one does, with my purse lighter and book-bag heavier.

Amongst my trophies were a number of Arrowhead back issues, of which one unusually fails to identify itself (or at least, if it does I can't see it for looking).

From its contents I infer it to date from sometime in Spring 1982:
  • p.2 has the sad news of Jack Flinton's death on 16th March 1982
  • a "special offer to U.S.members" on p.11 "must close" 30th June 1982
and that it is most likely #48:
  • a piece (in Dutch!?) on p.2 mentions "Arrowhead nr.47" in a way that seems to suggest the past
  • a list of back issues in #64 lists no. 49 as "Aug 82" (which from the above seems too late)
but wondering whether anyone can positively confirm either date or number?

— David
David Bruce

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Re: Can anyone positively identify an old issue of Arrowhead

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Mon Jun 16, 2014 6:17 pm

Hello David,
Since in this issue the editor refers to some corrections on P6 of the "last Arrowhead" and the article to which he refers is in number 47, the deduction is that your copy is number 48. Strangely it is the only one not numbered around that time. This must have been issued some time between March 1982 (when Jack Flinton died) and August 1982 as the XVth shooting meeting for that month is advertised on the back.


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