"ordo pro balistari "

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"ordo pro balistari "

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Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:18 pm

I hope that someone might be able to assist me in locating a source for the document mentioned below. I am hoping to run a crossbow competition next year based on rules for pre 1600 archery competitions.

Would it be possible to send me a copy of the document, if possible either in English or modern Italian, so that I can use it to set up the rules for next years competition. I will credit you and the State Archive of Lucca as the source. If it is not possible to obtain the entire document, could you translate the sections pertaining the rules for shooting and scoring that competition.

If you have access to other pre-1600 crossbow competition rules, I would greatly appreciate them as well.

I have located some online rules for the contemporary Italian crossbow competitions held by various cites in Italy, but I am not sure how authentic they are.

Thank you for any help you can give.

John R Edgerton
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http://www.compagniabalestrierilucca.it ... -balestra/

The same Castruccio Castracani Antelminelli models (1290-1330) Lord of Lucca 1305-1330 wanted it to be an award destined to archers more capable in order to attract young people to the exercise of such a weapon deemed "to defensionem strumentum aptissimum". From there the organization of a Palio is a short step, and certainly was already played in the city, on the occasion of major holidays, since the end of 1300. At the State Archive of Lucca is still preserved a document "ordo pro balistari "dated 26 June 1443 which will provide all the rules for the dispute of the Crossbow Palio. The document is very important because it was found to be the oldest regulation for shooting competitions now existing in Europe! The Palio of San Paolino, still is played according to the rules written six centuries ago by our ancestors even if, for technical reasons, have had to make some minor changes that still does not leave to alter the meanings.
John R Edgerton
Newark, California, USA

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Re: "ordo pro balistari "

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John - you may find that Alessandro Manfroi can help you. He is on the forum.

His ID is Oddr


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