Accles & Pollock Apollo Swallow.

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Ole Steen
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Accles & Pollock Apollo Swallow.

Post: #1316 Ole Steen
Mon Aug 04, 2014 1:24 pm

I don't collect bows, but some time ago I saw this bow on Ebay and I won it! It's just arrived today, with the (original?) bowcase, quiver and 16 alu arrows from "Super Sixty" and "Hornet".
I think it's from late 1950s, but on the bowcase there are two names. Inside the first(?) owner: P.W. Tomlinson and the number 109, outside P.P. Shepherd and the number 239.
Anyone who knows them and what the numbers mean?

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Re: Accles & Pollock Apollo Swallow.

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Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:30 pm

Ole, The Swallow was a light bow suitable for ladies. It might be that it was used at a school and the names were of the young ladies who in turn had the use of it. The numbers might indicate their position in the school register. Purely speculation, however.


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