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Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:55 pm

Dear Members,

This is a reminder that fees are due each year on 1st January.
Also, that, due to much increased postal costs to overseas members,
the fee for those outside Europe is now £25

If you have a country representative, please make sure your fees go to him or her promptly,
so that they can be forwarded to the Society in plenty of time- or let him or her know if you
intend to pay directly to the Society. Reps need to collect all fees before sending them,
so waiting for one or two can delay things unduly.

If you are abroad and have a problem getting fees to the Treasurer, you may send them
via PayPal to the Hon Sec, at
To offset exchange costs, please remit in £ sterling [GBP] Also please identify the payment
as "I am sending to friends and family" by clicking the appropriate PayPal button
This means that PayPal will not charge us for the transaction.
A note of what the payment is for would also help us.

If you are in the UK please consider setting up a Standing Order, that way you will never forget
The Society needs your fee at the start of the year so that we know how many Journals to produce
We also need to know that you are paid up so that you are eligible for the Journal and for the Arrowhead and also may access the forum

Any additional voluntary contribution towards costs would be gratefully received.



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